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Unlike them, we only offer quality hair extensions and we never  compromise on the quality of our service or hair. We exceed your expectations by offering you a reliable, impressive, and professional hair extension service performed by our expert hair stylists. 

Our hair stylists bring with them years of experience in performing different types of hair extensions, hair color, and hair styles. Our hair styling experts will make your time at our salon even more enjoyable. If you want to change your hairstyle throughout the year, we suggest you opt for our packages. 

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How to Pick the Best Hair Extensions for Yourself

Choosing hair extensions for yourself can be extremely challenging, especially if you are doing it for the very first time. While doing your own research on the internet can be effective in understanding how different types of hair extensions work, your best bet for choosing the right type of extensions is scheduling a consultation with a hair extensions salon in New York City in order to meet with a specialist who can help you navigate all the different options and choose the best type of hair extensions for you based on your hair health, thickness, length, etc. No one knows your hair better than you and no one understands your own hair needs better than yourself be prepared with an understanding of your options prior to your consultation appointment and be ready with questions so you can better have a dialogue with your new stylist. Most salons do offer complimentary consultation appointments for 30 minutes or so, however, some salons charge a non-refundable fee for consultations which they later apply to the cost of your service if you decide to move forward. So, it is a good idea to take the initiative and do your research for the best hair extensions for yourself before meeting with a stylist at a salon. Here are a few more pointers that will allow you to pick the best hair extensions with ease:

Your Hair Color

Always try to match the color of your hair extensions with the color of your hair. While it is possible to dye the hair extensions to match your hair, the chemicals in dye can be damaging to the extensions and shorten their life. For this reason, you need to ensure that you pick the color carefully. Don’t look for short cuts. This also means that they won’t last as long and you will basically be paying to get your extensions damaged. The only scenario where you should opt for this is when you are looking for extensions in pastel shades or some unorthodox color, which cannot be found. Also, check the color under different lights to find a true match. Hair does go a shade darker or lighter in different lights.

Your Hair Texture

Different hair has different texture so try and match the texture of your hair with the hair extensions. While some people do want to be more daring and opt for a different look, it can be a recipe for disaster. For example: If you have naturally curly hair and got extensions that are straight, you will have to straighten your hair to match your extensions or curl your extensions. Similarly, if you have straight hair and got curly extensions, you will have to straighten them. This will mean that you have more chances of causing heat damage to your extensions and your natural hair too. Plus, it also adds on to your hair care routine and you will end up spending more time in front of the mirror to make sure that they blend in well.

Your Go-To Hair Style

Consider your go-to hair style when you are opting for hair extensions. Certain hair extensions are very limiting and cannot be styled. For example: If you usually tie your hair in a pony tail, getting hair extensions can be problematic because they cannot be tied in one. It adds additional strain on your scalp and you will end up accidentally weakening your hair extensions bonds. Similarly, braids and other updo’s might not be possible with hair extensions if you have very thin hair. Always consider whether you are willing to put in the work to try out new hairstyles and possibly change your entire look when you opt to get hair extensions done.

Which Hair Extensions Methods Are the Safest for Your Hair?

Getting hair extensions for the first time or with a new stylist can be both an exciting and scary experience. We have all heard horror stories from one girl or another about how they know someone who opted for hair extensions and experienced thinning to broken hair. The point is that many people tend to demonize hair extensions as ‘bad for your scalp or your hair’. The truth is, times have changed and so has the technology for hair extensions. The hair extensions available in the market place today are completely safe for use and if you do your research, you can easily find the safest options available. It is advisable to find a stylist that works through a salon that is known for their work with hair extensions and has a good reputation. The following are some hair extension methods, which we feel are the safest for your hair and most hair types.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

This hair extension method is relatively new and makes use of micro rings. These micro rings are fixed to the root of your hair and wefts of hair are attached to it. These wefts either have a U-link or an I-link that allows them to be threaded through the rings. A device is then used, which applies pressure and binds the links with the rings, making the extensions secure. This is one of the safest methods for hair extensions due to the fact that there is no heat applied and no glue used. Monthly visits are recommended as the micro-links can loosen, which means that the extensions will sit lower on your hair as the weeks go by.

Fusion Bond Hair Extensions

Also known as keratin hair extensions, there are the safest, most durable and most expensive hair extensions that you will come across. Hair wefts are bound to the root of your hair with the help of keratin solution that doesn’t harm your hair or your scalp. Heat may be applied to make the keratin bond with the hair, but it is usually minimal. Cold bonding is also done in some cases but all in all, there is no damage done with this method. Not only is this the most expensive process, it is also extremely time-consuming. On the other hand, it gives the most durable and natural looking results so for some, the cost is justified.

Sewin Weaves, Braidless Sewin Weaves, & Clip-Ins

Weaves are known for being the safest methods for hair extensions and they are extremely durable to boot too. Your natural hair will be braided before the hair wefts are sewn to them. Careful placement is needed as well as maintenance visits to the stylist to ensure that your natural hair is still in good condition. Clip-in hair extensions are also extremely safe and are usually recommended for anyone who is just starting out with hair extensions.

Stylist and Upkeep

Another thing to keep in mind is that the safety of any hair extension method depends on the stylist as well as the aftercare you give it. No hair extension, including weaves should be kept in longer than 6 to 8 weeks without proper maintenance. Always be regular in your checkups and ensure that you are also looking after your extensions properly to avoid experiencing any negative effects such as tangling.

Which Hair Extensions Are the Best?

When you are shopping for hair extensions, you will come across different kinds of hair extensions; not only pertaining to the kind of bonding methods, but also in terms of quality. With each passing year, it appears that different kinds of hair extensions keep getting added into the mix until it’s a little confusing for a beginner to pick the right one. Hair extensions are largely divided into two major groups, which are then further subdivided into other forms of hair extensions. In essence, you will mostly find extensions that are made from natural hair or synthetic hair. Natural hair is gotten from a donor whereas synthetic hair is generated with the use of fibers such as silk, satin and more. Whether you are looking to get the best hair extensions for yourself or just want to find out which ones are the best, take a look at the following pointers that can help you out: Natural Hair Extensions The following are the major different kinds of natural hair extensions that you can find in the marketplace:

• Remi Hair Extensions – You might have heard of your stylist recommending Remi hair extensions. These are made from natural hair, but they are treated with chemicals or they have been exposed to dyes by the individual who donated them. When opting for natural hair extensions, Remi hair might be a better option for you as virgin hair can cost more. On the other hand, Remi hair extension’s popularity can push the price up for you.

• Virgin Hair Extensions – These are the crème de la crème of hair extension and people pay top dollar for them. Virgin hair extensions have never been exposed to chemicals, treated or dyed. They are very durable, but can be extremely expensive, particularly when demand is high and the supply is low. Due to this and other factors, virgin hair extensions are often the most expensive hair extensions in the marketplace.

Synthetic Hair Extensions The following are the major different kinds of synthetic hair extensions that you can find in the marketplace:

• Natural Fiber Hair Extensions – These are the crème de la crème of hair extension and people pay top dollar for them. Virgin hair extensions have never been exposed to chemicals, treated or dyed. They are very durable, but can be extremely expensive, particularly when demand is high and the supply is low. Due to this and other factors, virgin hair extensions are often the most expensive hair extensions in the marketplace.

• Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions – These are crafted from synthetic fibers such as polyester and other man-made materials. While they are extremely affordable, the major reason why these aren’t favored a lot is because they are not resistant to heat and are easy to get damaged. Exposure to high heat can make them melt. They also have an unnaturally high sheen, which makes blending them into your hair rather difficult. Whether you opt for synthetic hair extensions or natural ones, always make sure that you are aware of the challenges with each one. Even natural hair extensions can be prone to frizziness and improper care can cause heat related accidents.

How to Grow Your Hair While Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to not only get longer hair faster; they are also an amazing way to grow your natural hair out with ease. Many people turn to hair extensions as a protective hair option. When used in this manner, they allow you to grow your natural hair out. The best part is that hair extensions work well with most hair types. On the other hand, if you truly want to grow out your hair, pay attention to the following pointers:

Conditioning and Moisturizing

While you do have to avoid certain hair products when you have hair extensions, make sure to substitute them with products that are friendly for hair extensions. Make deep conditioning and proper moisturizing a regular part of your routine. This ensures that you are not neglecting your own hair underneath the extensions as well as maintain the health of the extensions hair. Scalp massages are also a must to ensure proper circulation and good hair growth. Make sure you also visit your hair stylist for the recommended checkups of when you want to get your hair extensions removed or replaced. This ensures that no problems have arisen with your own hair and your scalp is in good condition.

Avoiding Tight Braids

Braiding of hair is done when you’re getting weaves or sewn-in hair extensions. They can also be used for other hair extension installation methods as they are used to provide a proper foundation that your extensions can be adhered to. In some instances, these braids can be tight enough to make your scalp sensitive. While scalp sensitivity can be triggered at times, make sure that these braids are not too tight. These will cause you to experience headaches, cause your hair to fall out. In severe situations, it can cause extreme hair fall or even trigger alopecia.

Getting Quality Extensions

When picking hair extensions, many people tend to take the shortcut by opting for cheaper products. This can lead to cases where the hair extensions cause scalp irritations, allergic reactions and more if they are left in for long periods of time. Additionally, because of their low quality materials, these are also more likely to frizz and get damaged. On the other hand, quality hair extensions are more durable, made from materials that will not trigger your scalp and ensure proper scalp health. Made from natural hair or even synthetic fibers, quality hair extensions will give you a better result and be great for your hair health too.

Working with the Right Stylist

The biggest way that you can boost your hair growth is by working with a hair stylist who understands hair extensions. Keep their expertise in mind too because while some might be great at working with weaves, others might not be proficient at fusion bonding hair extensions and vice versa. Similarly, a good stylist can also help you get the right hair products, provide you with invaluable tips to look after and they can also identify the problems you might begin to face with your hair extensions before it gets out of hand. With their help, you can not only sport good hair extensions but also grow out your natural hair with ease too. Be diligent about finding a hair extensions expert who is licensed and offers a variety of options so they are able to help you determine the right hair extensions options for you. All hair extensions are not created equal the same way your needs may vary from the girl in the chair next to you. Keep in mind person who offer hair extensions in their home may be unlicensed and untrained as to proper application of the hair extensions as well as proper hair care for the hair extensions wearer.

The Different Methods You Can Pick for Hair Extensions

With hair extensions, you don’t just have to be careful about the kind of extensions you choose; you also have to ensure that you pick the right specialist to install them. The method you are opting for can make a significant difference; not only on the price tag, but also on the overall results you get from your hair extensions as far as how natural they look, your hair growth, and overall maintenance. For this reason, you should always consider the options available to you and in this regard, the following are some common methods that you can pick and choose from:

• Clip-in Extensions

You might have heard of your stylist recommending Remi hair extensions. These are made from natural hair, but they are treated with chemicals or they have been exposed to dyes by the individual who donated them. When opting for natural hair extensions, Remi hair might be a better option for you as virgin hair can cost more. On the other hand, Remi hair extension’s popularity can push the price up for you.
Once you have decided that you want to get semi-permanent hair extensions, you can pick and choose from the following different methods:

• Bonded Hair Extensions / Fusion Hair Extensions

Bonded hair extensions involve a process that makes use of keratin to adhere them to your hair. This process can either be cold pressed or heat can be applied. Care needs to be taken and you should work with a stylist who is well versed in this process as it can cause damage to your real hair. Results from bonded hair extensions can last you 3 to 4 months, but improper care can shorten the life span of your extensions.

• Braidless Sewin / Beaded Sewin / Microweave Extensions

These are adhered to hair with the help of micro-links that are attached to your hair first. The extensions are then woven through the hair into the links. There is no heat or pressure applied to the real hair so these are often preferred. Hair extensions applied through these are good for 3 to 4 months but one does have to go to get them tightened as the links can slip and loosen on hair.

• Beaded Hair Extensions / Microlink Hair Extensions

These are wefts adhered to hair with the help of micro-links. A cross between clipins and microbeads this options is awesome for adding heaps of volume with only a few pieces of hair. Hair extensions applied through these are good for 3 to 4 months but one does have to go to get them tightened as the links can slip and loosen on hair.

• Traditional Sewin Weaves

Weaves are the most inexpensive option when choosing semi-permanent hair extension. With weaves, your hair is first braided and the wefts of hair are then sewn into these braids. Weaves usually last for 3 to 4 months but regular checkups are recommended to ensure that your scalp is in good condition. When choosing hair extensions, always pick a method you are comfortable with and pick a hair stylist who is well versed in the method you want.

Which Hair Extensions Last the Longest?

Hair extensions are the perfect solution for when you want to give your hair a makeover. When picking them, many people consider the longevity of the extensions among their top priorities. It should be noted that hair extensions are never meant to last forever, but you can definitely shop around to find some long lasting options. Picking out hair extensions based on their longevity relies on three simple factors, namely:
The Quality of the Hair
The quality of the hair used to make the hair extensions will play a large role in its longevity. While you have the choice of picking from natural hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions, many people prefer to make use of the natural ones.

• Natural Hair Extensions – In this category, you can either opt for virgin hair or Remy hair. Virgin hair is extremely long lasting as it has no chemicals, no damage and is generally healthy hair. Due to this fact, they are extremely expensive. Remy hair has been exposed to chemicals, hair dyes and more but, they are still durable and cost less than natural hair.

• Synthetic Hair Extensions – Synthetic hair extensions might sound durable in theory but, they are very volatile. Their lower costs make them more attractive, but their longevity is questionable as best. Made from materials such as polyester, silk and satin, they are more prone to tangling. When worn, they require extra care and are difficult to use with heat styling. Everyday wear and tear is also more likely to break them down and once damaged, they cannot be salvaged.

The Chosen Method for Hair Extensions

Apart from the materials, the method you use for hair extensions is also very likely to impact the durability and longevity of the extensions you have picked. Among the different methods, two methods stand out:

• Fusion Bonding – Relying on the use of keratin bonding, fusion bonded hair extensions are the most long lived hair extensions, easily lasting up to 4 to 6 months. The keratin solution used to bond the hair minimizes hair damage and creates a natural looking bond. The process is also the most expensive one and is quite time-consuming.

• Micro Linking – Micro linking relies on the use of micro rings that are threaded through the hair. I tipped hair extensions are used to attach them to the rings. The end result is not only natural looking; it is also very durable, lasting for 3 to 4 months. The best part is that I tipped hair extensions can be reused.

After Care

Apart from the kind of extension method you pick, the aftercare you give can also make an impact. Poor aftercare can cause your extensions to fall out faster, even if you got them fusion bonded. It is a good idea to switch up your hair products and avoid using products that are not recommended for use with them. Good after care, coupled with the right method and good quality hair extensions can mean that you can easily wear your hair extensions for 4 to 6 months, without any worries such as scalp irritations, hair fall or even degradation of the keratin bond.





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