So, you are dreaming of fabulous, long tresses like the Real Housewives but don’t know much about hair extensions. Well, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that most hair extensions salons offer consultation appointments where you can discuss one on one with a specialist what method is best for you. Want to do some prep work prior to your consultation appointment? Here are some tips to help you choose the right hair extensions method for you.
Firstly, hair extensions can be used for anyone who is:

• Growing out a bad haircut
• Seeking to add length and/or volume
• Wants to disguise damaged, over processed hair
• Experiencing hair loss due to medical or other reasons

A consultation with a hair extensions special...

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Brazilian blowouts NYC are the most effective hair smoothing treatments that actually last. Many celebrities, beauty experts, and stylists say that Brazilian blowouts are their preferred smoothing treatments. These smoothing treatments actually create a protein layer around the hair shaft and cuticle, which eliminates frizz and gives the hair a radiating shine.

Brazilian Blowout Process

The process includes having the client wash their hair to remove any residue. Then the keratin product is put into the hair at the roots and throughout the rest of the hair. The client’s hair is then blow dried. It is then flat ironed in order to get the keratin to infuse with the cuticle of the hair. Once all of the hair is flat ironed the Brazilia...

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temp-post-imageKeratin is a protein that’s already naturally in your hair. The Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is just a liquid that is put into the client's hair and left to set. It restores dry and damaged hair, giving it a new sleek and shiny look. As well as a softer texture and little to no frizz. The client is left with radiating straight hair for months to come!

The Process
The stylist puts the liquid keratin into the client’s hair around the roots and throughout the rest of the hair. The stylist then flat irons the client’s hair. The process can take approximately 90 minutes depending on the length and thickness of the client’s hair. The client also cannot wash their hair for about three or four days after getting the keratin hair straightening treatment. This allows the keratin time to infuse with the cuticle with the hair so it will last longer.
Where to Get Treatment
You should always get hair treatments such as this Brazilian hair straightening treatment at a professional, certified, and experienced salon. They will give you the best results for the treatment, and they will be the safest since they are experienced. There are thousands of different salons you could research for the best keratin straightening treatment. There are also numerous different keratin products you could use as well. It all really depends on personal preference.
Benefits of Treatment
The keratin hair straightening treatment shortens blow drying time by 40%, it almost completely diminishes any type of frizz in your hair. It also replenishes dry damaged hair. Even when it's slightly raining and your hair gets slightly wet it will remain the same. Not to mention the radiating shine that will appear after getting this keratin straightening treatment. It’s a restorative treatment. The results last anywhere from two to two and half months.
For more information, contact YTF Hair Extensions at 212-221-3881.

temp-post-imageFall Favorites to Fuel Hair Health
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Fight Season​al Stressors that Rob Your Hair’s Health

Fall often brings drier weather conditions that can leave your hair feeling brittle, broken, split or weighed down and severely damaged. Sometimes, this damage can lead to additional stress on your body, which might mean losing hair in spots! Wouldn’t you like to avoid the hassle and potential stress of unhealthy hair due to Fall weather changes? While we can’t do much about the Fall weather, there are several ways you can have healthier, stronger hair that’s ready to take on these seasonal changes. You can avoid frizzy, frazzled, damaged hair with our five ways to protect your hair for Fall.

Why Does Hair Get Damaged with Seasonal Changes?

Fall weather changes affect both our mind and our body, including our hair health. We might break out the fall and winter clothing from storage. We change up the seasonal decorations in our house (we love the holiday season!) and put the summer toys away for next year. With the change in seasons comes changes in humidity, temperature and the sun’s UV rays which damage hair over time and can leave your hair feeling brittle, broken or dry. Preparing your hair for Fall weather and seasonal changes is the best way to protect and prevent a variety of hair damage during Fall. A little preparation and prevention to protect your hair over time doesn’t take a lot of money or effort. Check out our five tips for Fall hair health, which show you how easy it is to achieve healthy hair year round.

Ways to Protect Your Hair

There are a number of ways to protect your hair for Fall. From leave-in conditioners and hair masks to adding essential oils to your routine, commercial, salon-quality products go a long way to help protect and heal Fall hair damage. Products that address particular problem areas are always a good bet. You can also find quality leave-in conditioning sprays with UV filters that shield your hair from the sun’s damaging rays. Our salon always carries a wide selection of hydrating hair products, including masks containing UV protection, that can help you avoid Fall hair damage as you go about your day. Regularly using deep-conditioning products with essential oils can provide a luxurious treatment to help protect your hair over time. Practicing good general health habits that can also affect your hair, like eating a high quality diet and regularly exercising your mind and body, help by reducing stress that causes hair damage and hair loss. Low-maintenance, fashionable hairstyles that are easily achievable with a salon visit can also go a long way in protecting the hair naturally. Simple styles look great, and help decrease the amount of heat and blow drying necessary when you get ready everyday. Just like regular check ups with the doctor for your health, regular trips to a high quality, trusted salon can help ensure year round hair health. Salon specialists can help you manage split ends and damaged areas while also ensuring you have access to the latest products and techniques for keeping your style flawless.

Simple Solutions Are Within Reach

When you visit a salon specialist, ask them about the latest products available to help heal or protect against seasonal weather changes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! They’re always more than willing to help you. For Fall, this generally means drier, colder conditions that may include high winds and, later on, wet snow and possible rain. Also ask about how changing up your summer hairstyle can help you take advantage of a fashionable, low-maintenance cut that can help protect your hair from wide temperature changes from blow drying and heat. Take care of yourself, first. Make sure you are getting regular exercise (go to the gym if it is too windy or cold to exercise outdoors) and eat nourishing meals that feed your body and your well being. Taken together, these simple tips for improving your hair’s protection from the seasonal changes will have you looking your best for not a lot of money or time. Look for regular coupons, seasonal sales and product specials on the specific hair care solutions that help strengthen, protect and nourish your hair so it is prepared for seasonal changes.

Your hair health and happiness for the Fall season doesn’t have to mean settling for lackluster cuts or expensive products. Practice the five tips outlined above and you can enjoy healthy Fall hair and be geared up to enjoy both the holidays and your healthy hair.

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temp-post-imageRe-install Hair Extensions The Right Way With These Pro Tips

After wearing the hair extensions for months they might start to look dull and worn out. This usually happens because of wear and tear of the extensions. Whether your client is wearing beads, tape or bond, it is time for a move-up. Following are some of the ways to revive your extensions as well as your natural hair before re-installing hair extensions. It is recommended to give a gap of 24 hours between the removal and the move-up if possible.

Deep Conditioning
After taking out the hair extensions, wash them with a sulfate free shampoo. Use a deep conditioning mask or conditioner. Some of the best conditioners leave the hair soft minimizing the appearance of split-ends. Look for such conditioners in the market. You could use such conditioners and leave them overnight on both the hair extensions as well as your natural hair for deep conditioning. You could make a super moisturizing conditioner by adding argan oil to your conditioner and mixing them with your palms before applying the same.

Make sure to remove the tape residue completely with your Tape-ins. To ensure it is done, clarify the lining where the tape was placed on the hair extension. This might need a few repetitions till the residue is completely removed. Do not use alcohol based removers as they tend to affect the way the wefts adhere to the natural hair. Most stylists/clients do not remove the old tape completely and hence there is slippage of the wefts within a few days of touch-up. Deep condition or oil and rinse thoroughly both the hair extensions and your natural hair. If you fail to do so the wefts will begin to slip no matter what method you are installing.

After clarifying and deep conditioning your hair extensions, run the extension brush on the hair extensions and lay them flat for air drying. This will avoid matting and tangling of the extensions. Tie an elastic band over the extensions neatly and place them in a plastic bag to protect them, once they are dried. This will help you during your next appointment with your stylist as there would be no need to separate the strands.

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temp-post-imageFusion hair extensions imply just that. A fusion applied hair extension is either hot fused or cold fused directly to the hair; bonding the hair extensions and your natural hair securely for months. If you have shorter hair and are looking for long flowing locks visit the salon today and inquire about fusion applied hair extensions.

If you are looking for natural waves and beautiful long full hair instantly, fusion hair extensions may be the perfect solution.

From Halle Berry to Halley around the corner, fusion hair extensions are all the rage right now.

There are two different types of fusion hair extensions. There is a hot fusion method and a ColdFusion method. are you not sure which method is best for you? Contact our New York hair extensions salon today to see what works best with your type of hair.

Hot Fusion Method,
Hot fusion hair extensions are applied to the hair with a hot glue in most cases. This has its advantages and some drawbacks which you should discuss with your salon specialist prior to adding them to your hair. Hot fusion hair extensions can often last for up to six months.

Cold Fusion Method
Cold Fusion applied hair extensions are a bit more gentle on the hair. There is no heat damage


which makes this process much better for fine or thin hair.

Cold Fusion hair extensions are applied with a cold polymer which allows a bonding and secure hold for months. This method often produces a more natural look and feel as well because the polymer is more flexible in the hot fusion method.

Now where do you find quality hair extensions in the New York area? YTF fair extensions provides clients a professional hair extension application process for all types of hair.

Come by the salon today or give us a call!

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temp-post-imageHow to Hair Extensions in 5 Easy Steps The Clip-in Method

Step 1 - clip in hair extensions should match the color of your hair

First, let’s start out with the basics. Your clip-in hair extensions should match the color of your hair, otherwise they are going to stand out, no matter how well you put them in. Also, keep in mind that wave and curl consistency throughout your real hair carrying on seamlessly through the clip in hair extensions, are key features to blending. If you need hair extensions we sell them at the salon. Check out our main hair extensions site at for more info, or give us a call today.

Step 2 - prepare your hair for the clip in hair extensions

The next step, prepare your hair for the clip in hair extensions you have just purchased, or made. The best way to do this is to separate your hair into upper and lower sections, starting from the left side of your hand and moving in a straight line over to the right; according to

Step 3 - line them up

If your Hair is thin it is a good idea to tease it first to help the clip-in hair extensions hold better and longer. Most clip in hair extensions are designed with 6 to 7 clips which all need to be in the open position before you line them up with the part you made earlier. ( the part in your hair.) With all clips in the open position, line up the top seam of the netting (on your extension) with the part you made in your hair. Make sure to attach the top middle clip first.

Step 4 - install the side clips

Next, you will want to install the side clips above each ear. First line up your hair extension with the part on both sides of your head. Make sure it is tight against your scalp when you are aligning. Then attach your clips.

Step 5 - attach the four lower clips

Lastly, attach the four lower clips near the bottom half of your hair line. Then all you need to do is let your hair down and blend in the clip-in extension!

temp-post-imageClip-in hair extensions are often less costly than other types of hair extensions and allow a temporary look instead of the more permanent fusion hair extensions or microlink hair extensions. Experiment and have fun with clip-in extensions until you find your look. Then you can spend a little bit more for something more permanent. Hope this article helps!
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temp-post-imageManage Hair Re-Growth with hair extensions?

So you are on cloud nine for your hair re-growth after the first installation of hair extensions. Aging hair extensions mean the touch-up appointments are no longer going to be needed. Now the styling appointment takes longer and the stylist has to put in more effort to conceal your beads, tape and bonds.

Don’t’ worry.

We have the solution to your problems be it for just another bad hair day because of the hair re-growth or for a hair extension gone wrong, we have it all for you.

A few Ideas To Manage Your Growing Hair until the Next appointment

Messy is the way it is. Messy has been the trend this year, be it messy buns, braids, waves or the way your hair is partitioned. If you have a bad hair day, think messy. Long messy buns cover up most or at least part of almost any re-growth.. Don’t forget to make use of Bobby pins. Use as many pins as needed to give it a messy look.

It is a good idea to also have headbands and head scarves. Head scarves are always in trend and are thicker once wrapped; they cover the hair roots which are the key to hiding hair re-growth. If the client does not have them, it is a good idea to give them some shopping ideas.

Second-day hair always looks best especially when it has been curled. It is a good idea to spray some dry shampoo on the hair as shampoo absorbs oils in your hair and gives it volume and curl them using a curling iron if you want quick styling to be done.
On a bad hair day one important thing to avoid is over-styling. All the above 3 options have this point in common.

So, want to know more about bad hair day secrets, call us at YTF Hair Extension New York for your next appointment or consultation!

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If Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Lea Michele can have them then why can’t you? You can wear them in various colours and textures and surprise the world with your beautiful tresses. Yes, we are talking about hair extensions and their popularity beyond the world of showbiz! They can instantly transform your appearance, give you the length that you have always wanted, add volume to your natural hair and are easy to maintain. They come in various types like clip-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, tapes and weave-ins and they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

For Best Results, Consult a Professional Hair Stylist

Other than clip-in hair extensions, it is recommended that the extensions should be installed by a certified hairstylist since each type of hair extension has a specific installation technique. For the natural effect as well as the least damage to your own hair, it is advisable that you approach an experienced hairdresser and take his opinion before going for the length and the type of hair extensions. A good hair stylist would be an asset, not just in installing your new hair extensions but also in recommending after-care which would make your extensions last.

Types Of Hair Bundles Available
Hair extensions come in both synthetic and natural form, and 100% natural hair extensions are more expensive. They also come in various weights and the hair stylist can help you select the correct weight for your natural hair. Hair extensions, if natural can be cared for the same way as you would care for your natural hair. They need to be shampooed and conditioned regularly to maintain their texture, they can be coloured or dyed like your natural hair, even ironed and permed!

How Our Virgin Hair is installed
There are various ways of attaching the hair extensions to your hair and it is important that you familiarise yourself with the process. Your stylist should guide you through the steps and it generally takes 4-6 hours to professionally attach them. For the care and maintenance of the extensions, you need to visit the hair stylist every 6-8 weeks so that the extensions can be adjusted to the natural hair growth.

A bit about the Cost
Hair extensions don’t come cheap. The initial cost can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and you also need to plan for the follow up for the duration of your extensions. It is important that you also understand how the hair extensions will be removed, and how much damage it would cause to your normal hair. Some women have experience bald spots after the extensions were removed and the hair stylist should be able to guide you on this.

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