How to Pick the Best Hair Extensions for Yourself

How to Pick the Best Hair Extensions for Yourself

Picking hair extensions for yourself can be extremely challenging, especially if you are doing it for the very first time. While many people tend to trust their stylists to pick the best one for their hair, this can be kind of a hit-and-miss situation.

No one knows your hair better than you so it is a good idea to take the initiative and pick the best hair extensions for yourself. In this manner, you will be happier with the results you get. If you are still feeling a bit hesitant and confused, the following are a few more pointers that will allow you to pick the best hair extensions with ease:

Your Hair Color

Always try to match the color of your hair extensions with the color of your hair. While it is possible to dye the hair extensions to match your hair, the chemicals in dye can be damaging to the extensions and shorten their life. For this reason, you need to ensure that you pick the color carefully. Don’t look for short cuts.

This also means that they won’t last as long and you will basically be paying to get your extensions damaged. The only scenario where you should opt for this is when you are looking for extensions in pastel shades or some unorthodox color, which cannot be found. Also, check the color under different lights to find a true match. Hair does go a shade darker or lighter in different lights.

Your Hair Texture

Different hair has different texture so try and match the texture of your hair with the hair extensions. While some people do want to be more daring and opt for a different look, it can be a recipe for disaster. For example: If you have naturally curly hair and got extensions that are straight, you will have to straighten your hair to match your extensions or curl your extensions.

Similarly, if you have straight hair and got curly extensions, you will have to straighten them. This will mean that you have more chances of causing heat damage to your extensions and your natural hair too. Plus, it also adds on to your hair care routine and you will end up spending more time in front of the mirror to make sure that they blend in well.

Your Go-To Hair Style

Consider your go-to hair style when you are opting for hair extensions. Certain hair extensions are very limiting and cannot be styled. For example: If you usually tie your hair in a pony tail, getting hair extensions can be problematic because they cannot be tied in one. It adds additional strain on your scalp and you will end up accidentally weakening your hair extensions bonds.

Similarly, braids and other updo’s might not be possible with hair extensions. Always consider whether you are willing to put in the work to try out new hairstyles and possibly change your entire look when you opt to get hair extensions done.

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