Which Hair Extensions Are the Best?

Which Hair Extensions Are the Best?

When you are shopping for hair extensions, you will come across different kinds of hair extensions; not only pertaining to the kind of bonding methods, but also in terms of quality. With each passing year, it appears that different kinds of hair extensions keep getting added into the mix until it’s a little confusing for a beginner to pick the right one.

Hair extensions are largely divided into two major groups, which are then further subdivided into other forms of hair extensions. In essence, you will mostly find extensions that are made from natural hair or synthetic hair. Natural hair is gotten from a donor whereas synthetic hair is generated with the use of fibers such as silk, satin and more. Whether you are looking to get the best hair extensions for yourself or just want to find out which ones are the best, take a look at the following pointers that can help you out:

Natural Hair Extensions

The following are the major different kinds of natural hair extensions that you can find in the marketplace:

Remi Hair Extensions – You might have head of your stylist recommending Remi hair extensions. These are made from natural hair, but they are treated with chemicals or they have been exposed to dyes by the individual who donated them. When opting for natural hair extensions, Remi hair might be a better option for you as virgin hair can cost more. On the other hand, Remi hair extension’s popularity can push the price up for you.

Virgin Hair Extensions – These are the crème de la crème of hair extension and people pay top dollar for them. Virgin hair extensions have never been exposed to chemicals, treated or dyed. They are very durable, but can be extremely expensive, particularly when demand is high and the supply is low. Due to this and other factors, virgin hair extensions are often the most expensive hair extensions in the marketplace.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

The following are the major different kinds of synthetic hair extensions that you can find in the marketplace:

Natural Fiber Hair Extensions – Made from natural fibers, synthetic hair extensions are crafted from different fibers, including silk, and others that can imitate natural hair. Unfortunately, these usually have a high sheen or deeper, darker color which can make them stand out. Lighter colors are largely favored with these as the sheen is more discreet and easier to blend into hair.

Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions - These are crafted from synthetic fibers such as polyester and other man-made materials. While they are extremely affordable, the major reason why these aren’t favored a lot is because they are not resistant to heat and are easy to get damaged. Exposure to high heat can make them melt. They also have an unnaturally high sheen, which makes blending them into your hair rather difficult.

Whether you opt for synthetic hair extensions or natural ones, always make sure that you are aware of the challenges with each one. Even natural hair extensions can be prone to frizziness and improper care can cause heat related accidents.

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