The Best Hair Care Tips for When You Have Hair Extensions

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Looking after your hair when you are wearing hair extensions can be very challenging, particularly when you get hair extensions for the first time. Without proper care, you can end up facing a lot of hair fall, scalp problems and also have your extensions fall out faster.

A large number of problems can be avoided by having a hair care routine that will make it easier for you to look after them. The following are some of the best hair care tips that you can follow:

Switch Up Your Products

When you get hair extensions, the first thing to do is get rid of your regular hair care products. Make use of shampoos, conditioners and hair products that are meant specifically for use with hair extensions. This is necessary otherwise the chemicals, oils and other ingredients can break down the bonding solution of the extensions.

Always Condition the Ends

You might already condition your ends before getting hair extensions and there is no need to stop now. Natural hair extensions are made with real human hair that responds well to the conditioning. Start by applying the conditioner mid-length, all the way to the end. Leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it out.

Rinse Your Hair Properly

Product buildup in your hair extensions can lead to scalp issues and hair fall so always rinse your hair properly. Don’t use an apple cider vinegar rinse for it though as it can harm the bonding solution. Just keep your hair under the water until it feels squeaky clean to you.

Deep Conditioning Once a Week

Make sure to deep condition your hair and extensions once a week to avoid it becoming straw like in appearance and texture. Natural hair extensions require extra moisture to stay lustrous and manageable. Make sure you are using a deep conditioner that is meant for use with extensions.

Scalp Massages Every Night

Scalp issues with hair extensions can be kept at bay by massaging your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes each night. This increases blood circulation, prevents hair breakage and also stimulates the roots of your hair. Massage yours scalp gently each night to keep it healthy. Don’t make use of any scalp oils as they can be damaging to your hair extensions.

Air Drying and No Heat

Keep heat styling at a minimum and always choose to air-dry your hair as much as possible. In this way, you can reduce frizziness and avoid causing any damage. Heat damage can also shorten the life of your hair extensions. However, if you must use a hair dryer, keep the setting at low and only use it for the roots.

Detangle the Hair

Each day, you should detangle your hair extension tracks by hand, very gently. Make this a practice to follow every morning before you start styling your hair. This reduces matting, tangles and also ensures that you don’t put unnecessary strain on your hair extensions when you are brushing or styling your hair.

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