How to Look After Hair Extensions in the First 24 Hours

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Looking after your hair extensions is something that starts from the time you come home from the hair salon. The first 24 hours of the hair extensions is always critical and you will have to be extra careful. If you have fusion bonded hair extensions, you need to be even more careful as the bond needs some time to set, even after it has dried.

It can be difficult to treat your hair as if it were made of glass. Luckily, we have some useful tips that can help you look after your hair extensions during the first 24 hours.

No Hair Wash

You are going to be advised to avoid washing hair for at least 24 hours once you get the extensions added. To keep your scalp healthy, it is a good idea to wash your hair before you get the hair extensions installed. In this manner, you can weather through the 24 hours without worrying about how unwashed your hair is. It is also a good idea to avoid humidity that can make hair expand and get frizzy.

No Regular Hair Products

Your hair products need to be switched and it is a good idea to do this as soon as possible. Once you get home, put the regular ones aside and get some hair extension friendly ones. Doing this immediately also reduces the chances of accidentally washing your extensions with regular shampoo. Sure once won’t damage your extensions but if it keeps happening frequently, it could happen.

Be Gentle

Whether you are brushing your hair, detangling it or simply flipping it to check out the new volume, be gentle with your hair extensions. They can cause a lot of strain on your scalp and during the first 24 hours, it is possible to have a lot of scalp sensitivity because your hair is not used to it. Handle your hair carefully, without putting strain on it. A scalp massage can also help to alleviate pain caused by scalp sensitivity.

Use a Silk Pillow Case

When it is time for bed, make sure you are using a silk or satin pillowcase. Cotton and other fabrics absorb moisture and tend to cause frizz, tangles and more in your hair. With hair extensions, this can be a troublesome issue to resolve. By using a silk pillowcase, you can go to sleep and wake up with hair that is still manageable, has no frizz and free of tangles.

Loose Braid or Low Pony Tail

To prevent your hair from getting pulled or tugged on in your sleep, you can also tie a loose braid or a low pony tail to keep your hair out of the way. Also avoid sharing your bed with your pets that could step on your hair or accidentally pull it while you sleep. This will also go a long way to reducing any tangles and improve scalp sensitivity.

You should continue to follow the hair tips mentioned above once the 24 hours are up. After that the only major difference will be that you can wash your hair if you wish to do so.

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