How to Pick the Best Hair Extension Salons in NYC

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When you want to get hair extensions, the results are also dependent on where you get them done for. Hair extensions installation by an expert can give you a glamorous head of hair which doesn’t harm your original hair. On the other hand, a bad installation job can mean that your hair extensions look odd, your scalp suffers and in severe cases you can even develop traction alopecia.

Taking the time to find the best hair extension salon in NYC can actually be more beneficial for you. If this is your first time searching for one, you should take a look at the following pointers to help you out:

Ask About Their Expertise

It’s always a good idea to pick hair extension salons based on their overall expertise. Some hair extension salons in NYC are better for fusion bonding whereas others are better for sewn in hair extensions and more. Picking a hair salon based on the kind of extensions they excel in allows you to narrow down your search. Similarly, you can also ask or look for user reviews about other clients. Remember to take the good and bad reviews with a grain salt when you’re making your decision.

Look at Their Portfolio

The best hair extension salon in NYC will be able to show you a portfolio of the work they have done on their client’s hair over the years. Whether they have handled fusion bonded hair extensions, micro-links or more, their work can give you an idea about how well the results will turn out when you get your hair extensions done by them. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t base your entire decision on the portfolio alone. It can be very easy to make hair look good in an image as well.

Have a Consultation

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is always a good idea to ensure that you get a consultation session with your chosen hair salon. Many of the best hair extension salons in NYC will have their stylist talk to you, examine your hair and discuss the hair goal you are going for with the extensions. They can also share other details or answer more questions you might have regarding the kind of hair extensions including time period for installation, how many wefts will be needed and more.

Discuss the Prices

At the end of the day, you do need to keep the price in mind and the cost of the stylist can vary based on what method you are going after. Weaves and sew-in extensions can be the most cost-effective and they will take less time as well. On the other hand, methods such as micro-linking or fusion bonding can take more time. In fact, fusion bonding is one of the most expensive hair extension methods and it is also extremely time consuming.

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