How to Get Longer Hair When Wearing Hair Extensions

How to Get Longer Hair When Wearing Hair Extensions

How to Get Longer Hair When Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to not only get longer hair faster; they are also an amazing way to grow your natural hair out with ease. Many people turn to hair extensions as a protective hair style. When used in this manner, they allow you to grow your natural hair out. The best part is that hair extensions work well with any hair type. On the other hand, if you truly want to grow out your hair, pay attention to the following pointers:

Conditioning and Moisturizing

While you do have to avoid certain hair products when you have hair extensions, make sure to

substitute them with products that are friendly for hair extensions. Make deep conditioning and proper moisturizing a regular part of your routine. This ensures that you are not neglecting your hair underneath the extensions. Scalp massages are also a must to ensure proper circulation and good hair growth. Make sure you also visit your hair stylist for the recommended checkups of when you want to get your hair extensions removed or replaced. This ensures that no problems have arisen and your scalp is in good condition.

Avoiding Tight Braids

Braiding of hair is done when you’re getting weaves or sewn-in hair extensions. They can also be used for other hair extension installation methods as they are used to provide a proper foundation that your extensions can be adhered to. In some instances, these braids can be tight enough to make your scalp sensitive. While scalp sensitivity can be triggered at times, make sure that these braids are not too tight. These will cause you to experience headaches, cause your hair to fall out. In severe situations, it can cause extreme hair fall or even trigger alopecia.

Getting Quality Extensions

When picking hair extensions, many people tend to take the shortcut by opting for cheaper products. This can lead to cases where the hair extensions cause scalp irritations, allergic reactions and more if they are left in for long periods of time. Additionally, because of their low quality materials, these are also more likely to frizz and get damaged. On the other hand, quality hair extensions are more durable, made from materials that will not trigger your scalp and ensure proper scalp health. Made from natural hair or even synthetic fibers, quality hair extensions will give you a better result and be great for your hair health too.

Working with the Right Stylist

The biggest way that you can boost your hair growth is by working with a hair stylist who understands hair extensions. Keep their expertise in mind too because while some might be great at working with weaves, others might not be proficient at fusion bonding hair extensions and vice versa. Similarly, a good stylist can also help you get the right hair products, provide you with invaluable tips to look after and they can also identify the problems you might begin to face with your hair extensions before it gets out of hand. With their help, you can not only sport good hair extensions but also grow out your natural hair with ease too.

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