3 Hair Styles to Avoid When You Wear Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions might make you feel like trying out new hairstyles with the length but you have

to be careful. Despite how secure they might look, too much strain can cause your extensions to

weaken. Eventually, they will fall out and it might even cause your natural hair to fall out as well. There

are certain hair styles which can cause this to happen. In severe cases, this can result in traction alopecia

that can cause a bald patch to occur.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to pay attention to the hair styles you cannot do when you are wearing

hair extensions. This can save you from a lot of grief and ensure that your extensions will last you for a

long time. Whether you got keratin bonded hair extensions or micro-ring extensions, these hair styles

are a major no-no for you:

1. Middle Parting Styles

From the ever popular gym braids to cute buns and more, it is not a good idea to try these hair styles

with your hair extensions. The tightness of these hair styles and the middle parting puts a lot of strain on

your extensions and the roots of your hair.

With them, you will end up causing a lot of strain, make your extensions fall out faster and experience

hair fall as well. It should be noted that you can keep a middle parting hair style when you have your hair

open but not when you are tying your hair up.

2. High Pony Tails

High pony tails look extremely appealing to try with hair extensions and with celebrities like Ariana

Grande rocking them, they are becoming extremely popular. While even Ariana Grande uses hair

extensions for her high pony tails, she uses extensions that are specially designed to be worn with that

hair style.

With your regular hair extensions, you should avoid them as much as possible. It is possible for them to

be damaged as high pony tails put a lot of strain on your hair. Consider that without hair extensions,

high pony tails tend to cause traction alopecia. With extensions, this hairstyle can do more damage and

cause a lot of hair and scalp problems.

3. Heat Styling

Styling hair properly can require the use of heat tools like hair dryers, rolling pins and more. With hair

extensions, the risk of getting heat damage becomes higher, especially if you have synthetic ones. Using

heat tools on synthetic extensions can cause them to melt.

Similarly, with natural extensions, heat tools can weaken the bond and cause them to fall out faster.

With micro bead hair extensions, the hot air can become trapped near the roots and dry out the scalp,

making hair brittle and more likely to break and fall out.

The only occasion when you can get these hairstyles done is when you get hair extensions added in a

manner that they do not become strained by them. This extra precaution also makes sure that your hair

tracks and bands are also not visible.