How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Hair extension are easily available in the marketplace at varying costs, which makes them great for

anyone, regardless of the budget they have. However, it is difficult to put a fixed cost on hair extensions

because a wide variety of factors determine this cost.

To determine how much the hair extensions can cost you, pay attention to the following factors that can

impact the price:

The Material of the Extensions

When you’re getting hair extensions done, you will come across different costs based on the kind of

extensions you have picked out. There are two major groups for hair extensions, namely natural hair

extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Natural Hair Extensions

These are made from real human hair collected from all across the globe. You can find natural hair

extensions in two types:

 Virgin hair – It has never been treated with chemicals. This is premium hair that you can expect

to pay top dollar for.

 Remi hair – It has been colored or treated with chemicals. These are not as expensive as virgin

hair but they can still be a bit heavy on the pocket.

Cost of natural hair extensions can also go up based on the locality as well as the race. Asian hair is

highly prized for its texture, volume and body. Similarly, natural blonde or red hair extensions are going

to be more expensive because of the rarity of the color.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

These are made from materials such as polyester silk, satin and other fibers. You can find synthetic hair

extensions in two types:

 Synthetic fiber extensions - These are crafted from synthetic fibers like polyester,

 Natural fiber extensions – These are crafted from natural fibers like silk or satin.

These are more affordable but they have very poor durability. They are also easily tangled and get

damaged with heat styling.

The Method of the Extensions

Hair extensions can be attached to your hair through different methods. Depending on the one you

choose, prices will vary. The following are the best ones:

 Fusion bonding – This is the most expensive and time consuming process but the results are

worth it. It can last for 3 to 4 months.

 Micro Linking – These are more pocket friendly than fusion bonding. They also last for 2 to 3

months and give realistic results.

 Weaves – Extremely pocket friendly weaves last up to 1 to 2 months and give very realistic

results too.

The Stylist You Are Working With

The last major factor that can impact the price is the stylist you’re going to be working with. Never be

stingy in this aspect. A good stylist can cost a pretty penny but they can also fix your hair extensions


Inexperienced stylists are more likely to make mistakes, which could cause scalp problems, hair

problems and even cause damage to your extensions. If you want the best results, you should work with

the best stylist as well.