The Best Hair Extensions in NYC to Choose From

Picking hair extensions can be fun and exciting, but it is a good idea to do some research. Looking for the

best hair extensions in NYC allows you to make an educated decision. The following are the major ones

that you will come across.

  • Natural Hair Extensions

These are made from natural, human hair and are harvested organically from all across the globe. Some

are even collected locally. Natural hair extensions are some of the most expensive ones available in the

marketplace because they are extremely durable among them, you can come across the following sub-


  • Virgin Hair – Hair that has never been exposed chemicals, hair dyes or treatments is known as

virgin hair. Due to its healthy condition, virgin hair tends to be more expensive. It is also more

durable and responds well to heat treatment. Virgin hair extensions in naturally rare colors such

as blonde or red are also more highly priced.

  • Remy Hair – This is hair that has been exposed to hair dyes, chemicals or other treatments and

is healthy and undamaged. These are also expensive but more affordable than virgin hair

extensions. They are also more versatile in color and style than virgin hair extensions making

them a favorite.

  • Synthetic Hair Extensions

These are made from synthetic fibers that imitate hair strands. These are less durable but are more

affordably priced. Synthetic hair extensions are also available in unorthodox colors such as bubble gum

pink, turquoise and ruby red. Synthetic hair extensions are available in the following sub divisions:

  • Synthetic Extensions – These are made from synthetic materials such as polyester and more.

These have very poor durability because they do not fare well when heat styled and are easy to

tangle. The high sheen of the hair also makes it very apparent that they are fake, which isn’t the

most desirable impression you want to make when wearing hair extensions.

  • Natural Fabric Extensions – These are made from natural fabric fibers such as satin or silk. These

extensions are more usable and can put up with a little bit of heat styling. They also don’t tangle

very easily, but care needs to be taken. They are much easier to blend into hair and are more

cost-effective, but they aren’t very durable.

Hair Extensions Based on Installation Methods

It’s also a good idea to choose the best hair extensions in NYC based on the installation method you are

going for.

  • Wefts – These are perfect for sewn-in hair extensions or fusion bonded hair extensions. These

hair strands come in neat bundles that are sewn into a weft of hair.

  • I Link Extensions or U Link Extensions – These are used with micro ring or nano ring extensions.

The I link or U link is threaded through the rings which are then pressure sealed.

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