Why You Should Pay Attention to the Texture of Your Hair When Picking Hair Extensions

People often forget to pay attention to the texture of their hair or the hair extensions when they are

picking them. Many focus on the length, the quality, the color or the overall cost. The difference in

texture relates to the hair curl type as well as the quality of the strands, which can range from thin and

smooth to thick and coarse.

Even if you consider the texture of the extensions, overlooking the texture of your natural hair’s can be a

big rookie mistake. If you don’t think so, the following are a few reasons that highlight why you should

pay attention to the texture of your hair.

Avoid an Expensive Mistake

Hair extensions are expensive and natural hair extensions are some of the most costly types that you

can find. While Remy hair extensions are more affordable than virgin hair extensions, buying 5 or more

bundles for a full or half head can cost a lot. For this reason, you have to pay attention to quality, color,

texture, and length when you are getting them. If you pick the wrong ones, it is a huge expenditure that

cannot be corrected with ease.

Easier to Blend

Texture differences can make it difficult to blend the extensions in your hair properly. If you have

naturally straight hair and pick extensions that are wavy or curly, you will be unable to blend them in.

This will end causing a stark contrast between your natural hair and the hair extensions you are using.

Badly blended natural hair extensions are a major faux pas that many people dread. If you want them to

blend correctly, you will have to ensure that you pick the ones that match closely with your real texture.

No Styling Issues

If you picked natural hair extensions that are curly while you have straight hair, you will have to spend a

lot of time straightening them to get them to blend and match. The same is true for when you have curly

hair and picked straight extensions. In this case, you will have to curl the extensions or straighten your

real hair. While many people think getting hair extensions is the perfect way to try out different

hairstyles, you should still avoid picking different textures.

More Maintenance

When you get hair extensions, you need to device a proper hair care routine that nourishes your hair

and your hair care routine. With hair that has two different textures, the moisturizing needs and can

differ, making your hair care routine unnecessarily complicated. Curly hair requires more conditioning

and moisture to stay healthy as compared to straight hair. With a hair care routine that doesn’t take this

factor into account, you could cause damage to your natural hair and have extensions that become

difficult and unmanageable for you.

At the end of the day, the texture plays a huge role in the visual impact of the hair extensions so getting

the right ones can make a major difference.