Anastasia II

Anastasia II

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  • Length: 22”

  • Density: 130%

  • Construction: Full Lace, Swiss Lace 

  • Size: Small / Medium 

  • Color: Ash Blonde - 60 Ash (ends) / Ash Medium Brown - 4 Ash (roots)

  • Origin: 100% Human Russian Hair 

  • Natural Texture: Loose Wavy

  • A warmer version of the Anastasia I, Anastasia II features richer tones while still veering toward a cooler feel. Her medium brown roots have been carefully toned to eliminate any trace of red typically found as the base of most darker brown colors. The ends are Ash Blonde with a soft cool brown lowlight.

  • The knots have been carefully lightened ensuring the most natural scalp-like appearance. 

  • This beautiful cuticle aligned 100% Human Russian Hair unit can be styled straight, wavy, or curly. With use of a quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner this unit will remain hydrated and healthy for many months.

  • The Anastasia units full lace base allows for the wearers scalp to breathe easily with millions of small holes that allow air to circulate through the unit freely. 

  • For this reason, someone with sensitive scalp from hair loss, dryness, or other auto immune complications can comfortably wear this unit.

  • An elastic band is included with each order which can be attached to the wig for additional support. 

  • The lace of the wig must not be scratched or excessively scrubbed.

  • Wigs must be shampooed by gently running fingers through the hair

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