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 At just $350 a month  You receive an overwhelming amount of benefits! You receive high quality hair extensions performed by our hair styling experts Plus...

  ➢ Traditional Sew-In Extensions

  ➢ Braidless Sew-In Extensions

  ➢ Braidless Microweave Extensions

  ➢ Microlink Hair Extensions

  ➢ Tape In Extensions

  ➢ Fusion Hair Extensions

  ➢ Sew-in Hair Weaves

Why Should You Opt for Our Hair Extension Package?

When You Opt For Our Hair Extension Package, You Only Pay $350 Each Month. That’s Right - Now You Can Finance Hair Extensions By Making A Small Monthly Subscription Payment For Unlimited Maintenance Of Your Extensions And You Can Change Your Extensions Once Per Year ALL INCLUDED!


By Paying $350 A Month, You Receive Access to All Our Hair Extension Services

Now, how many hair salons can say that? Not a lot! We want our clients to walk with their heads up high, knowing the hair they are flaunting is not fake, but real, genuine virgin human hair. You are paying for authentic Brazilian and European hair.

If you want to get access to all our hair extension services for less, sign up for one of our incredible hair extension packages right away!

Whether you are looking for a braidless microweave makeover or tape in extensions, we can do it all for you and all you need to do is pay just $350 each month. Enjoy unlimited maintenance for your extensions without having to worry about the cost!

Unlimited Hair Extension Services for 12 Months!

Why spend money on one type of hair extension service when you can save money by registering as a member and opting for our hair extension package? As members, you will have exclusive access to our entire list of hair extension services.

Instead of paying more money to get access to one particular hair extension service, you will just have to pay $350 each month and have access to all of them! We repeat this because you will not come across any luxury hair salon offering such an amazing package!

If you want more information about our Micro Repair Hair Extension Package, contact us at (212) 221-3881. We offer a hair extensions at-home service as well, so if you are unable to visit us, we can schedule an appointment at your home.

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